A Winter Sketch

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Re: A Winter Sketch

#16 Post by Novapony »

She has a great face and I love her skirt!

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Re: A Winter Sketch

#17 Post by StephG »

MomokieJem wrote:
StephG wrote:So, so pretty! Isn't she wonderful?! I'm so happy to see these pictures - please keep them coming! I've heard nothing about my doll...I wonder if the US dealers haven't rec'd their dolls yet...

Edit to add: Just checked with my nice US dealer - she has not received them yet. So I will wait patiently. tap-tap-tap....
Oh Steph! I can just picture you taping your toes! :kissy: I hope she comes in SOON!

My order of her with AmiAmi came in super fast, but I'm still waiting for her twin to arrive from Rudi.

MJ, you have a twin coming?! Oh, I can't wait to see this! Woohoo! :chairspin:

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Re: A Winter Sketch

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StephG wrote:

MJ, you have a twin coming?! Oh, I can't wait to see this! Woohoo! :chairspin:
Steph, I do though I'm still waiting for the stork to drop off this twin.

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Re: A Winter Sketch

#19 Post by mae »

I got my Winter Sketch weeks ago but she stayed in her box for over a week and then when I finally took photos of her I couldn't find my SD card adaptor or cable anywhere!

Finally managed to upload my photos today!

ImageDawn by mini-moon, on Flickr

We also went to Coney Island together...

ImageDawn on the beach by mini-moon, on Flickr

There's lots more on my flickr. Is it just me, or does mine seem to have more hair than some of the others? It seems really long. I like it though. She's lovely.

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Re: A Winter Sketch

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I think you're right, her hair does look a lot longer. I was comparing yours to Stephs here
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Re: A Winter Sketch

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nice photos! i love the beach without people :D :D :D
i looked at my winter sketch. i think its a matter of hair styling.
:daisy: maggi :daisy:

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