Veteran's Day Remembrance

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Veteran's Day Remembrance

#1 Post by StephG »

Happy Veteran's Day to military folks all around the world! Here's a Remembrance of my father, to honor the day:

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Re: Veteran's Day Remembrance

#2 Post by blackiegracie »

That is beautiful Steph! Very touching!

I lost my father in 1999 and he was also a veteran of the Navy (of Cuba, before Castro) and he trained with the US Navy since they were allies at that time.

My partner of 14 years, Michael, is a US Marine Corp vet, and I'm so grateful to all of those who are willing to selflessly sacrifice everything to protect us.

Happy Veteran's Day!

Smiles :D Zoila

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Re: Veteran's Day Remembrance

#3 Post by Gamma Ray »

Happy Veteran's Day, everybody. I hope you remember your lost veteran friends and family members well.

I lost my grandfather in 2004. He was part of the big invasion of France in WWII. He wasn't at Normandy, but he was at another beach that was invaded in a similar way elsewhere in France. I believe it was called Omaha Beach. I never knew him well, so I was very sad when he died :cry:

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Re: Veteran's Day Remembrance

#4 Post by Marna »

That was lovely Steph, Happy Veteran's Day.

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