SWEDEN - Fettisdag (sv) - Shrove Tuesday - Fat Tuesday

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SWEDEN - Fettisdag (sv) - Shrove Tuesday - Fat Tuesday

#1 Post by IngerK »

:daisy: In Sweden, this day in February is marked by eating a traditional pastry, called semla, a sweet bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream.
:daisy: Today, semlor are available in shops and bakeries every day from shortly after Christmas until Easter. Originally, the pastry was only eaten on this day, sometimes served in a bowl of hot milk and with cinnamon.
:daisy: Everyone has their own way of eating semla and a tradition around it. The semla is now often eaten as a regular pastry, without the hot milk.

<center>Lisa taste my semla

- 'What is this white fluff?' / - 'It's whipped cream'

- 'It was yummy!'


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#2 Post by teddybear4me2 »

Thank you for introducing this wonderful Sweden tradition. I have seen these cream puff pastries in the store all the time, but did not know they are Sweden’s specialty. I love Semla very much.
BTW, the cheongsam looks very nice on Lisa. :kissy:
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#3 Post by Mikan »

Thank you! Very interesting! February 16th is semla day!! :D
What is it celebrating?

Those look a lot like a cream puff! Is the almond paste inside? Under the whipped cream?

(As for cream puffs, I much prefer whipped cream instead of the eclair filling the Japanese cream puff chain Beard Papa uses.)

EDIT: P.S. Love how she "eats" the whipped cream. She looks perfect to go with fluffy pastries.
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#4 Post by melissa »

Looks yummy :)

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#5 Post by blackiegracie »

Looks yummy! Mmmm!

Antique Dreaming is darling! I love mine!

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Re: SWEDEN - Fettisdag (sv) - Shrove Tuesday - Fat Tuesday

#6 Post by Chuplayer »

IngerK wrote:Image
So cute! :daisy:

Thanks for the cultural lesson, IngerK. I never knew this holiday existed.

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#7 Post by maywong »

Any holiday that let's you eat sweets is alright by me. :D

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#8 Post by Novapony »

Any holiday that let's you eat sweets is alright by me

Very interesting! I'm going to the bakery now!! :B

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#9 Post by SnowSong »

Mmmm ... the pastry looks yummy.

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#10 Post by SheSaid »

Love the pictures! :)

I'm from Sweden too but I cant even remember why we eat semlor (thats plural for semla). :oops: It's the kind of thing we learned in school but I never did listen much. :lol: And personally I dont like semla...

Also, the almond paste is usually under the cream but some mix it with the cream instead. :S

Edit: Checked Wikipedia and it seems semla have something to do with the fast.

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#11 Post by elfinity »

how neat! I think they have something similar in Norway, I had a friend who lived there.

I also love the cheongsam on Lisa, she looks adorable in it!

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