AUSTRALIA: Fairbairn Dam, Queensland.

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AUSTRALIA: Fairbairn Dam, Queensland.

#1 Post by Pinkells73 »

Pics from warm sunny Queensland, Australia.

Our local Dam is the life blood of our region and was as low as 15% this time last year. After devastating floods in Jan 2008 the Dam reached full capasity and is 3x the size of Sydney Harbour. Huge amount of water.

The Dam is a popular recreation area including BBQ's, picnic spots, lookouts and water sports. It provides agriculture with irrigation, coal mines and town use with much needed water supply. With good management we are guaranteed water supply for 5-10 yrs.

Here are some pics from Christmas Day.

Allegra & Syliva

Jocelyn & Grigg
Thanks for looking at my part of the world. :)
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#2 Post by Chuplayer »

Christmas Day? Sunny and warm (I guess)? You've got it good down there.

Very good pics. I especially like the second one. It's a very interesting shot.

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#3 Post by bo_anders »

Always nice to see pictures from 'down under'
It's hard to realize that it isn't cold everywhere during Christmas :) But things are changing. We get warmer and warmer weather here up north in Sweden.
Btw, I hope there are no sharks in the dam....

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#4 Post by blackiegracie »

Lovely pics Sonia!

My Brother got to vacation in Australia & New Zealand for 2 weeks last year. He took lots of beautiful pictures. I was so envious!

Smiles :) Zoila

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#5 Post by Mikan »

Woohoo! Nice to see pics of Australia.
Got more??

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#6 Post by Pinkells73 »

Thanks for the interest :)

I'll see if I can get an assortment of pics together. The country is huge and quite diverse. I have pics from all over although not so many of Momoko out and about as I have only just 'found' her.

bo_anders- No, def no sharks in the Dam (no crocodiles either). The water in the Dam is 'freshwater' a term we use to describe rain collected. Our Dam is 450klms (not sure what that is in miles) or, a 4 - 5 hour drive from the sea where the sharks live. The Dam is artifically stocked with fingerlings (baby fish) to provide the fishing fanatics with something to catch. We also have 'Red Claw' which are a freshwater hard shelled Crayfish/Lobster. YUM.

Years ago we were swimming and some eels brushed up against our legs, scared the *%**#@ out of us. Hehe. Totally harmless though!

One of the most popular water sports is water sking... Do you know what I mean?

A white Christmas is on my to do list. Will have to go O/S for that though. The closest we have is some of the ski resorts down south (2 or 3 day drive away, 15,000klms) hold White 'Christmas in July' celebrations.

Where I live; the day time temps in winter are a pleasent 18 Degrees Celsius and the lowest (at night) is usually 8 dc. T-Shirts all year round here.
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#7 Post by melissa »

Wow, as I sit on my sofa and shiver from the cold, I can imagine a life of warmth all year round. I hope you get to have a white Christmas some time soon. I would love to have a warm Christmas too :)

The pics are beautiful, I would definitely love to see more with or without Momoko in them :)

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