Japan: Ibaraki-ken: Toride City, Mito: Is this really Japan?

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yoof san wrote:Thanks for the photos Mikan!!! I want that couch so bad! The closest
I've gotten to Japan is their airport. :( I want go to Japan... ):
LOL hope you can get a couch like that sometime!

One thing I have to say about sleeping on the floor, sitting on the floor, etc., is that it's TIRING! Meaning, standing up takes so much more effort. When you're sore and tired, going all the way down to the floor to sit, or having to stand all the way back up, is not something I (speaking as an American) am used to! It takes a lot more energy if you think about it just in physics terms.

As for airports ... that's how I "visited" Korea once ... just sat in the airport. lol

(The US state of Alaska, too. They had this huge stuffed polar bear, I recall....)

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photos of Japan

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Hello Mikan, I just want to thank you for your photos of Japan and look forward to more. My son has been twice to Japan. Once in 5th grade and again in 8th grade since he is in a Japanese immersion program in school which started in Kindergarten. He now is a sophomore in high school and is fairly fluent in Japanese and all written alphabets. We have said that his father, me his mother, and he will all go to Japan together after his senior year. It will be great to have an interpreter and he has been to many different areas of Japan so he knows the different areas he likes and why. Unfortunately he has never taken many photos of Japan on his trips even though we gave him a great camera to use when he was in 8th grade. We do have a few neat things from his time in Japan, but no dolls other than a small puppet for the finger. So I am hopeful in a few years to take a doll or by a doll there and then take photos with the camera we gave him. LOL As for my heritage, I am not Japanese, but my grandfather on my father's side after his first wife died lived and became husband to a Japanese woman so my second grandmother was Japanese and I had a beautiful kimono when I was turning 7 in red which was a custom. I also had a doll Iloved that had many wigs. Unfortunately we lost it all when I had to leave my dad's house. Ah well at least I have the memories and a photo some where. Sorry to get so off target from dolls and all. I just loved your photos and look forward to more. I also look forward to traveling doll photos in the future.
Peace and Good Health,

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Hi rhubarb,
I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I hope your family does go to Japan together - I just love visiting and wish I could live there for a while. You should definitely take a doll there or buy one, and take lots of photos! Many Japanese I think had childhood kimonos but no longer have one as an adult - but it's not too late to get another one for your adult self! :)

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