May's GoodBYE Party (no misspelling this time!)

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May's GoodBYE Party (no misspelling this time!)

#1 Post by elfinity »

It wasn't so much a party as it was a small gathering, really.
All the girls gave May a gift.

Jack was going to give May some of his rum, but was out-vetoed and squashed down. (I thought about Jack giving May some fuzzy toy, but it would've been too much out of character).

Dasha gave a book of poetry.

Mizuki gave May a Terry Pratchett book. She hopes May likes Pratchett's hillarious sense of humor, awesome grumpily saving the world witches, and superb writing style.

Zhen's gift is a book about puppies.

Lily gave May two dog toys for her puppies.

Elizabeth gave May a pretty hair clip with blue heart.

Jack does not participate. There's a risk of getting hugged by Elizabeth, and he feels weird being around Lily. May will miss Mizuki, Zhen, Dasha, Liz, and Lily, for sure!

Jack gives May his very own personal hug.

It was a great visit, I think, and I hope May had a great time with my girls (and Jack)

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#2 Post by teddybear4me2 »

(I have commented on your flickr too)
Love the group hugs, so sweet!! Look at Jack's eyes, full of emotion!! The photo of him hiding at the corner looking away to hide his sadness made my heart sympathetically warmed. May, the traveling girl, once again had brought us all together. :)
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Bittersweet Farewells!

#3 Post by Jecieyn »

That was sweet, elfinity--I think we are all a little teary-eyed now!

Hey! --couldn't Jack go with May, as escort?! *clasps hands pleadingly* Think how wonderful a Traveling Jack would be! --But then we would miss the elfinity photostories, and that would be horrible. None of us would sleep nights! What happens next?!



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#4 Post by bo_anders »

Dana and Jecieyn say it better than I do. Hmm... I must have got some sand in my eyes... :)
You've really captured the sentiments of the goodbye gathering.
And the hug... mmm :kissy:

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#5 Post by elfinity »

Awww, you people! Thank you SO VERY much for the sweet comments! It really means a lot to see how my work is appreciated. Seriously, I would never get motivated EVER if I didn't think, "Crap, I better get the next piece done, 'cause my fellow Momoko addicts are waiting!"

It was pretty sad to have to let May go on, it was so lovely to host her and to get to feel part of something bigger - you really get to feel something special, when you get that package, and you read the ongoing letter, and you see all the little things other people have "gifted" May with, and to plan and add something, as well...

Thank you, Nat, for starting it!

man, now this thread is all mushy and sentimental... >_<

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#6 Post by Mikan »

Wowza, great party! Poor Jack... he looks sad.
The dog toys are just awesome... love the photos!! :D

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#7 Post by mortshire »

Ahhn, tiny Terry Pratchett book! I must go build my girls a library now!
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#8 Post by Tammy »

Hee hee, love that last photo with Jack; always the scene stealer, isn't he! ;)
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#9 Post by elfinity »

thanks, Mikan! Jack was pretty upset, though he would not show it too openly.

mortshire - YEAH, you should! If you want, I do make them for trade or sale.

Tammy - so true! Even when the story is not about him, Jack manages to steal the scene.

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#10 Post by blackiegracie »

What a sweet story! You really make your dolls come to life!

Smiles :) Zoila

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#11 Post by Novapony »

So cute! I want some of those plants and pics now..hehe
Your girls are very sweet! :)
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#12 Post by elfinity »

thanks, blackiegracie!

Novapony - I'll be posting some plants and little things for sale/trade soon, I think.
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