May in Manhattan

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I will have to go away for the next weekend, so I won't be able to take Philly pictures of May. Should I be a selfish prick and keep May for an extra weekend or be fair and send her on to the next person after 2 weeks?

Send May on her way after 2 weeks?
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Keep May for 2 and a half weeks?
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May in Manhattan

#1 Post by elfinity »

Jack: Manhattan is very overrated, sights-wise. Take, for example, this here Empire State Building. People come all over the world to see it, and it's really not that huge. My ship is much more bigerer.
May: Um, Jack, not to offend you, but the actual Empire State Building is outside this shop. And it's huge.
Jack: Oh. Well, easy mistake to make.

Broadway and Sixth Ave.

It was VERY windy, and so I couldn't really set up many shots like I hoped. I ended up having to hold the dolls in my hand while taking pictures with camera in the other.

May: Oh, I know this show!

Jack: Hey, yeah, first we show you the city, and then...
Mizuki: JACK!!! Keep it rated PG, please.

Times Square

Eat your heart out, Barbie! ^_^
Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.

42nd Street.
I tried photographing May against the backdrop of Madame Tusseau's Wax Museum's sign, but focusing was a problem... Plus, I kept getting accousted by people asking me what the hell I was doing or offering to hold May. I said, no thank you >_>

Jack's commentary: So, this is the place with fake figures made in the likeness of famous people? Who would want to see THAT?

Fashion District.
39th and 7th Ave is where the Button is located. Mizuki told May all about the history of the area.

Mizuki shows May the Fashion Walk of Fame: a series of disks set in the sidewalk along 7th Ave. with various designers' names etched in them, along with a short summary of why that particular designer was commemorated with a plate.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time (and energy) to go up to Central Park like I planned. Oh well. Hopefully, the next New Yorker who hosts May can do it. ^_^

Also, here's the problem... It seems that I have to go away next weekend. Which means I won't be able to take May around Philadelphia, like I originally planned. I can try to figure something out, but it's just not very likely to happen. If I try to do it after work hours, it's pretty dark, and in any case, too dark for landmark pictures.

So, here's my question to everyone, and especially PlasticPrettyboy, (as the next in line): do you think it'll be alright if I keep May for one extra weekend to get the pictures done or should I send her on her way? I would totally not mind people telling me I should send her on, but of course I'd like more opportunities to take more shots, especially since Philly is usually so under appreciated.

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Oh those are fun photos ... Jack is such a trip!
Who would want to see THAT, indeed?! LOL

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It must be quite an adventure to take pictures of Momokos on the New York streets.
Don't you have any behind the scenes pictures?

You will find all my Momoko girls here

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#4 Post by Loogie »

Eh, be a selfish prick, what's a few days? :p

(Joey/plasticprettyboy is up next to host May, BTW.)

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I am so late in posting here! ):

I love your city shots! Gosh, it's been years since I'd been to New York!
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